Here’s Your Last Minute Love Rescue Mission! Forgot Valentine’s Day Ideas

Missed Valentine’s Day ideas
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Spread the loveOops, have you forgotten to wish your love a happy valentine’s day? Don’t worry. Fix that forgotten valentine’s day with more laughter and romance! Unfortunately work deadlines or workout routines, sometimes travel for work or for personal reasons can lead to overlooking valentine’s day. Sometimes illness, family emergencies or travel disruption can lead … Read more

Is Hoshi the richest member of seventeen? His net worth and earnings revealed

Hoshi the richest member of seventeen
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Spread the loveKwon Soon-Young known by his stage name Hoshi, is a south korean singer, dancer and dance director, a member of popular boy group SEVENTEEN. Born on June 15,1996. For his energetic style and he is the group resident tiger appealing audience for his with his powerful moves and epidemic energy Hoshi income details: … Read more

Is Your Neighborhood Ready for Season 6? Tune in Tonight for more laughter !

The Neighborhood 6
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Spread the love‘The Neighborhood’ was originally planned for the fall 2023, but delayed due to the Hollywood strikes. ‘The Neighborhood’ premiered on February 12,2024!  You can watch new episodes of ‘The Neighborhood’ every monday at 8 pm ET on CBS. What’s new in ‘The Neighborhood’ season 6? The Neighborhood (CBS, 8:00 pm ET): This season … Read more

Mark Ruffalo Returns as Hulk in Captain America : Ruffalo Confirmed and Filming Details!

Mark Ruffalo Returns as Hulk in Captain America
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Spread the loveMark Ruffalo who has appeared in more than half dozen parts of the Marvel Movies is again coming back in a new Marvel cinematic movie. It is exciting to see Hulk again in the Marvel Series because Mark Ruffalo playing as the Hulk character has been liked by Marvel lovers. Mark Ruffalo has … Read more