TikTok Location Tracker | How Does It Works?

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In the ever-evolving world of social media, tiktok captivated audiences across the world by its dominant force with its short-form video content.

For individual users, tiktok location tracker can help to uncover content ad creators from specific regions.

For social media marketers, tiktok location tracker can help to identify the geographical areas where they can target audiences that are most active. By pinpointing the locations they can generate the highest engagement and influencer partnerships.

Beyond marketing, a TikTok location tracker can prove to be a very valuable asset for market research and trend analysis. By mapping the geographical spread of viral content across the world, businesses can get an opportunity of getting a deeper understanding of their industry and identify new opportunities for growth of their business.

Take Your TikTok Game To The Next Level !

Before we begin our journey to track the tiktok location with you, it’s very crucial to understand how tiktok uses location data? And how we can access this location IP address with the location tracker.

So are you ready? Let’s begin our journey!

How TikTok uses Location Data? 

TikTok allows its users to attach specific location tags while uploading their videos, that indicate the place where the content was created. 

On the other hand, When a user records a TikTok video with location services enabled on their android device, the app automatically embeds the video’s latitude and longitude data into the file’s metadata. This geotagging information can be used by the TikTok app to map the video’s location, even if the user doesn’t manually add a location tag.

What Is The IP Address of TikTok? How It Works

An IP Address is a unique identifier that is assigned to any device that is connected with the internet. This IP Address can be used to determine the location of that connected device.

When we talk about TikTok IP addresses, every account is associated with an IP address, which can be used to track someone’s location on tiktok.

TikTok Location Mapping: Can I Track Someone’s Location On TikTok?

Yes, Of course a TikTok user can be tracked.

TikTok does not disclose its users personal information to any one. TikTok only collects this information for security purposes and not anyone to directly access them.

But don’t worry, in this section we will disclose several methods to find the IP address of an account.

TikTok IP Address Tracker By iStaunch

This Third Party tool is user friendly and can get the IP address of any TikTok user for you.

Here are some simple steps:

  • Enter the username of the TikTok account you want to track, and the tool will start searching for the IP address
  • After the tool identifies the IP address it will display on your android screen.

TikTok IP Address Grabber/Grabify

Another third party tool to track someone’s location on TikTok is by using Grabify.

Here are steps you should follow to use Grabify:

  • Go to their website and sign up for an account first.
  • Now create the tracking link of the user you want to track the location.
  • Enter the URL of the user profile page and then click on the create URL button.
  • When the user clicks on the link, thor service will send the request to Grabify server.
  • After that IP address will be logged and displayed on the Grabify website.

TikTok IP Puller

Third app is to use the IP puller tool available on both android and IOS devices.

Here are some steps to follow:

  • First create an account  on IP Logger.
  • After creating an account, click on the IP Logger link.
  • Here in the “title” field you have to enter the username of the person.
  • Copy the created link by the IP Logger and send it to the person whose IP address you want to find.
  • When the person clicks on your link, their IP address will be recorded and available on the IP Logger website.

By Using Kids Guard Pro

KidsGuardPro is a third party app designed for parental control on kids’ activity.

With the help of this app you can monitor TikTok activities like (videos watched, messages exchanged and comments posted).

You can even monitor the user’s internet activity including (browsing history, downloaded files, user location) and more.

Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Install KidsGuardPro app in your android mobile
  • Sign up your account first.
  • Now bind the targeted mobile in this app.
  • User IP address will be shown on the dashboard of your mobile screen.