How To See Hidden Following List on TikTok

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In fact , we have all scrolled through a Tiktok profile and sometimes we are more curious about who they follow?

Maybe they follow some hidden masterpiece, or perhaps you are wondering about their taste in content on the Tiktok platform.

If you are a content creator on Tiktok, keeping an eye on what your audience follows on Tiktok will prove to be very valuable for you.

What secrets lie behind the private following list? We try to discover interesting ways to see someone’s hidden following list while respecting TikTok user privacy.

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Ways To See Hidden Following List on TikTok

First of all you should choose the right way to to get access to the Following list and the right method is to follow that person. Once you become friend with that person then you will be able to see his following list only if the list is available publicly.

However, there are multiple ways which can help you.

Check Public Interactions of that person

While Tiktok allows its users to keep their following list private, here are some clever clues and ways to gain insights into the accounts.

Here’s how:

  • Video Content : Peoples on TikTok normally engage with the other audience or content creator through their videos posting.

You can get some clues by seeing their duets, stitches, replies or mentions in the caption.

These are the strong indicators of the public accounts they are following and engaging with.

  • Live Streams: If the person goes live, you can pay attention to the participants joining the live video chats of the person and interact with them the most. These could be Public accounts they are following on Tiktok. 
  • Challenges and trends: See if the person is participating in some challenges and trends set by the other content creators on Tiktok, this could also be a clue of what they are following for their inspiration.

Check Beyond The Profile

While videos gave some great clues to find some hints of someone’s private following list but here are some more to discover:

  • Hashtags Exploration: Hashtags are a fantastic way to find the hints and connections on Tiktok. Look at the frequently and constantly used hashtags in the videos and search them further. Find the content creators that use the same hashtags and produce the same content.
  • Shared sounds: Potentially revealing the accounts they follow. Similar to hashtags, pay attention to the sounds they are using and sharing in their video. 

Look for Clues in their Videos

The magic of Tiktok lies in the engaging, short form videos. Here’s how you can become a video detective. Pay close attention to the whole video. Check them one by one.

Look for their collaborative videos, duet, stitches and mention. Sometimes the inspiration comes from their fellow content creators. Check the overall style, theme and sounds.

Check Likes and Comments

While you cannot see the entire history of someone likes and comments on Tiktok but you can note the public accounts the person constantly engaging with.

Look for the patterns in who they like and comment on.

This will provide you with clear clues of what type of content the person likes and the creators he/she is interested in.

Search for the Person on other Social Media Platforms

Expanding your TikTok horizon, Tiktok isn’t the only place to lok you can also search the targeted person on the other social media platforms.

A username can be your key to discover someone’s connection across different social media platforms. 

If the username of the person is unique, firstly you should try to search it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or Youtube.

If the person produces and uploads content at a specific profession, hobby or a brand you can perform a quick web search or blog, where they could list their favorite creators and social media connections which can give you clear hints of their social media connection including Tiktok.

Follow the person on TikTok

Following someone on TikTok is the easiest way to see the following list and keep an eye on their activities.If you are interested to see the following list of targeted people on TikTok you can simply follow his/her account.

To see someone’s tiktok following list:

  • Follow that person
  • Open his tiktok profile and tap on “Following”
following list option
  • Here you can see his following list
tiktok following list

Here is a drop point, you can only see the following list of the person if he/she is allowed its followers to see their following list. If the person updated their privacy policy and set the following list to be visible to only his/her you can’t see their following list in this case.

Advance Techniques (use with caution)

Here are some advanced tools and techniques available to analyze public interactions and to track who a user might follow on Tiktok?

Here are some advanced tools and techniques available to analyze public interactions and to track who a user might follow on Tiktok?

Third-Party Apps: some third-party apps are available on play-store of android mobile application that claims to analyze the user’s profile and interactions.

However we strongly advise against using such apps, because these types of applications available on play-store require login information of the user and may steal or scrape your own personal information.

Browser Extensions: Some browser extensions available on Google that offer similar functionalities to analyze the public account interactions, their comments history and duet, stitches history which can give legitimate insights into someone’s account.


The purpose of this article is not to promote violating of TikTok privacy policies, and we respect user’s choices to keep their information confidential.

Simply our focus here is to find available information about some public accounts on TikTok and who someone interacts with on TikTok.