How to know when a reel was posted on Instagram or Facebook

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Facebook and Instagram reels can skyrocket your social media accounts reach. Most of us like to consume short content to get better understanding in less time which is now possible with the reels and shorts.

Sometimes you may need to keep an eye on your competitors’ reels to see how they are performing and how much time they took to reach there. 

If you get the exact date when the reels were posted then you can make an estimate how often that guy posts.

Similarly, if you get the idea of the exact time when he posts then you can get an overview about the best engagement time of the reels.

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Method to see the date of posting of the reel on Instagram

Even if both Instagram and Facebook are interconnected, the steps are different for both.

If you are not the owner of those reels

Login to your Instagram account

Tap on the reels button

Open a reel. Here you can see the date is not mentioned on the reel. If you check all options and buttons one by one then you will realize that there is no date mentioned.

But if you tap on the comment button and open the comments section then you will see all the comments along with the date and time when these comments were posted.

date of comments

From here you can make a rough idea when this reel was posted.

If you want to know the upload date of your own reels

This is easy because you belong to the content.

Tap on your profile icon to open your profile page

Click on posts option >> then tap on reels

Tap on three dots icon located below the share icon and click on View Insights

reels insights

You will see the date here.

date when the reel was posted

Method to see the date of posting of the reel on Facebook

The method is the same for Facebook as there is no option to directly see the date so you will have to go through the comments scrolling method. 

For assistance you can apply the filter on the comments to see newest or oldest comments.

apply filters

Can I see the exact time when the reel was posted?

No, You can’t see the exact time. However if you have turned on the notifications for an account and that account posts reel then you will be instantly notified. At that moment you can see the exact time when the reel is posted.

Can I see who viewed my reels on Facebook?

Short answer is: NO. However you can make guesses from the comments section. You can see who commented on your reels.

Regional and demographic data is also available in the analytics but it does not provide small scale data.


To conclude, you can see the date when the reels were uploaded only for the reels which appear on your home feed or you can guess from the comments section.

There are some limitations regarding this. However, the exact time and date dont appears on the reels as you can do in the case of YouTube shorts.