Is Your Neighborhood Ready for Season 6? Tune in Tonight for more laughter !

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‘The Neighborhood’ was originally planned for the fall 2023, but delayed due to the Hollywood strikes. ‘The Neighborhood’ premiered on February 12,2024! 

You can watch new episodes of ‘The Neighborhood’ every monday at 8 pm ET on CBS.

What’s new in ‘The Neighborhood’ season 6?

The Neighborhood (CBS, 8:00 pm ET): This season contains only 10 episodes instead of 22 episodes! This season is shorter than usual.

Stupid Pet Tricks (TBS, 9:00 pm ET): A brand new series that flaunts humorous and adorable animal horseplay. So get ready for more laughs!

Gospel (PBS, 9:00 pm ET): A fascinating series that explores faith and community, so don’t this existing series tonight!

NCIS (CBS, 9:00 pm ET): ‘The Neighbourhood’ is expecting big changes in the second episode . This series says goodbye to a major cast member (David McCallum).

The Daily Show (Comedy Central, 11:00 pm ET): John Stewart makes a victorious back as a host once a week! 

Get ready to chuckle and think with the Stewart hilarious spin on the news.