Is Hoshi the richest member of seventeen? His net worth and earnings revealed

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Kwon Soon-Young known by his stage name Hoshi, is a south korean singer, dancer and dance director, a member of popular boy group SEVENTEEN. Born on June 15,1996.

For his energetic style and he is the group resident tiger appealing audience for his with his powerful moves and epidemic energy

Hoshi income details:

Primary income: Hoshi earns by contributing in SEVENTEEN’s group by song writing, composing and vocals. As Hoshi is the leader of the SEVENTEEN group, his earnings are more than the other members of the SEVENTEEN group.

Concert revenue is divided into all members of the SEVENTEEN group according to the predetermined agreements.

Secondary income: If Hoshi has writing credits on songs outside the group SEVENTEEN, he may receive a percentage for their use.

Hoshi also participates in solo projects like variety shows and OSTs of different dramas and films. He also got an Account for this.

Net Worth Estimation:

According to estimates Hoshi’s net worth is between $1 million and $2 million in 2024. Based on the Music Sales, Concert Attendance, Endorsements, Royalties, and Individual Activities.

Profile Summary

Primary IncomeEarnings from SEVENTEEN activities (songwriting, composing, vocals); higher than other members due to leadership role
Concert RevenueDivided among all SEVENTEEN members as per agreements
Secondary IncomePercentage of earnings from external writing credits, solo projects (variety, OSTs, etc.)
Net WorthEstimated between $1-2 million (2024) based on music sales, concerts, endorsements, royalties, individual work
Comparison to SEVENTEENHigher net worth than other members due to leadership, popularity, experience
Seventeen Richest MembersSEVENTEEN has 13 members, not 17; Performance Unit estimated at $5 million, other members around $1 million each
Profile summary.

Comparison of Hoshi Net Worth with the Other SEVENTEEN Members:

Members might have varying contributions like song writing, song composing, leadership, acting and producing, that’s all potentially leading to a diverse income stream of all SEVENTEEN group members. Hoshi serves as the leader of the SEVENTEEN group and has more popularity, brand value and experience so the net worth of Hoshi is more than the other team members.

Seventeen Richest Members and Net worth of Seventeen club

Seventeen Club does not have seventeen members. This club has 13 young members. that is why the club name is seventeen.

From all of its units, Its Performance unit is richest. Other two units are Vocal Unit and Hip Hop Unit.

Here are the names of all Members of Seventeen Group:

Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, Vernon, Dino, S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, DK and Seungkwan.

Seventeen Net Worth is around 15 million USDs. If we divide 5 Millions of this in the performance unit which is the richest unit then other 9 members of the Seventeen will have around 1 million $.

Some people think woozi is on the top as he is the leader of the vocal unit but it is not true. Hoshi comes on the top because he is leader of the all units.