Mark Ruffalo Returns as Hulk in Captain America : Ruffalo Confirmed and Filming Details!

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Mark Ruffalo who has appeared in more than half dozen parts of the Marvel Movies is again coming back in a new Marvel cinematic movie.

It is exciting to see Hulk again in the Marvel Series because Mark Ruffalo playing as the Hulk character has been liked by Marvel lovers.

Mark Ruffalo has played the role of Hulk in Avengers’ series and in Thor Ragnarok.

The news is exciting because Hulk is a popular character and many fans want to see him more in upcoming Marvel movies.

Mark Ruffalo spoke about his return in Captain America: Brave New World (2025). He told this when he was talking at the Santa Barabara International Film Festival.

We don’t know much about his role in that movie because he didn’t tell anymore about this. 

Mark Ruffalo has also played the role in She-Hulk attorney at law series where fans starred Mark Ruffalo as main Hulk character and Tatiana Maslany playing as She-Hulk character. 

It is exciting to see Hulk return and we will have to wait what adventures he will play in Captain America 4.