Secrets of king cake: History, Tradition, and Deliciousness

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A jewel of Mardi Gras is not just a cake rather it is more than it. It is a traditional treat named King Cake. 

A hidden king or queen under the glazing rings of the rich dough and if you find it by biting the dough then you are going to reign over celebrities.

It is not just a cake, it is a symbol of fun, joy and togetherness. So be with us to explore more about King cake. 

History of the King Cake

We are not going to talk about the real origin because we want to know the link between king cake and New Orleans. So we will start from our region, New Orleans. 

King cake tradition was brought by French revolutionists in the 18th century. After blend with the African and Caribbean influences it turned into the unique style of the King cake which is enjoyed today.

Heavier European version was replaced by Brioche-like dough. Colors used for icing were symbolized for Faith, Justice and power. 

To add fun with surprise the bean was replaced with a small baby figurine.

Tradition of King cake in New Orleans

Being a central element of Mardi Gras Celebrations, King cake is a very Famous part of this celebration in New Orleans. 

The tradition of hosting the next King cake party continues as he who gets the slice having the baby in it. 

Which other regions along with New Orleans enjoy King Cakes

Not only New Orleans but other places also celebrate this tradition. Mississippi Gulf Coast, Alabama, Louisiana, Taxas, California and in some cities of Florida.