Your WhatsApp Web App showing in the wrong language | Try this

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Desktop users are well aware of the feature of WhatsApp web which helps you in using Whatsapp on Laptop or computer. Want to use Whatsapp on Computer just pick up your phone, open Whatsapp and connect with the Whatsapp web on your PC. 

This is the pro but wait for the cons also. You may have also faced this issue when you open your Whatsapp on the web version but it is showing in the wrong language. Don’t worry this issue can be resolved. Be with us to understand its causes and fixes.

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Methods to fix WhatsApp web showing in different language

Change your phone language to reflect changes in your WhatsApp web version of WhatsApp

If your Whatsapp web language is wrong and it is all the same as it is on your phone then it is obvious that your Phone language needs to be set up. In this case if you change the language of the phone it will reflect changes in your Whatsapp web. Here is the process:

  • Open your Phone settings. It may have different steps to open on different devices
  • Look for “Language” option or you can search it in the search bar
  • Select a language and confirm it.

Clear WhatsApp web data by deleting the cookies

This is the only option which seems to work perfectly. Clearing cookies can change preferences and settings to help in resolving the language based issues. However it will also delete other data related to that website.

  • Open Whatsapp web on Laptop or computer where you are facing language related issue
  • Click on the three dots icon >> More Tools >> Developer Tools >> tap on the Double arrow icon.
application tab
  • Here click on “Application” option and tap on “Cookies”. Now select and right click with mouse to show “Clear” option >> Tap on “Clear” to clear all cookies.
clear cookies option

Once you have cleared all cookies, close the developer tools and login again to get your Whatsapp web in the right language in which your Whatsapp mobile app is working.

Login after the successful log out

This option will not work certainly but you can try it:

  • Open WhatsApp on your mobile
  • Tap on three dots located in the upper right corner and open “Linked Devices” option
  • Tap on “Unlink” to remove the connected device. Your device is logged out
  • Now again open linked devices feature and relink your device using Whatsapp web by opening the web version of Whatsapp on your device and scanning the barcode on it by your phone.

Browser language settings don’t seem to work 

Some users try to fix it by changing browser language settings but this option doesn’t work as the browser language settings don’t have to do anything special with Whatsapp web language.

Well we tried this option but it did not work.

Can Chrome extensions work?

Chrome extensions are a good way to solve any issue regarding any app running on the Chrome app on PC. Multiple Chrome extensions claim to solve the issue by changing the language of the Whatsapp web. Let’s check if it works or not.

When I opened the Chrome extension store I got that all the extensions were tending to translate the messages coming from the other side, which means it is a simple message translator. We are not going to use this as this will not change the language of the featured buttons and options.

Why does my Whatsapp web app language change when I login to WhatsApp web?

Most common reasons for this problem are:

  • Wrong language set on your phone Whatsapp you have used to login to Whatsapp web
  • Whatsapp web cookies on your browser need to be cleared

You should check for both of these issues and resolve as we have mentioned above.

Does changing my Phone language often Change WhatsApp web app language?

Changing your phone language can affect your Whatsapp web language and the reason is: Your Whatsapp web is the reflection of your Whatsapp app on your phone. It means if you change your whatsapp language on mobile it will also affect whatsapp web language.

Is there any option to change Whatsapp web language while using the app?

By 2024 this time, there is no option to change Whatsapp web language while using the app. To change the language you will have to change it on your mobile first.

Is there any way to change WhatsApp language to English?

Yes you can change Whatsapp web language to English. For this you will have to change the language of Whatsapp to English on Your mobile phone and login again to Whatsapp web after clearing the cookies on your web browser.