How to see someone’s liked reels [Instagram + Facebook]

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Facebook and Instagram reels have strong connectivity. Cross sharing feature of reels on Instagram and Facebook enables us to post reels from Facebook to Instagram and Instagram to Facebook.

Reels shared on multiple platforms can help to get more reach and that is the reason why social media influencers share reels on Multiple platforms. 

If you are on this blog post, It means you are interested in seeing reels that others like. You can see how many people and who has liked a specific reel. 

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How to see someone’s liked reels on Instagram?

In the case of Instagram reels we will discuss 2 methods to see likes on the reels. Both of these two approaches are different.

Using activity status on Instagram (Only if it is set to on)

Using this feature of Instagram you can see mutual posts with mutual interaction like comments, likes on comments left on other’s posts, date when you followed each other and replies you made on other’s stories.

Here are the steps to do this:

  • Open Instagram profile page
  • Tap on the “Three horizontal lines” icon
  • Tap on “Your Activity” option and then choose interactions tab
activity tab
  • There you will be able to sort mutual comments and liked reels along with posts. 
  • Further you can apply filters to sort out liked posts and reels.
mutually liked reels

Directly opening the reel on Instagram and checking for likes 

Doing this will only show you likes on a specific reel. In this method you can see all the people who have liked a reel.

You may be angry about what is going on. How we can find a specific person from such a big list. Don’t worry you can also search that person by a single click. Let’s see:

  • First of all open a reel on Instagram
  • Long tap on the ‘heart’ button which is used for liking videos 
checking likes on Instagram
  • It will open a page on the reel showing number of plays and list of the people who has liked that reel
  • Now you can see a search box on the top where you can type the name of the person whose likes you want to see.
Plays and likes

Is there any other way to see which reels someone has liked on Instagram?

No, There are only two ways to do this. One way is to see what you have liked and the other way is to open the list of all accounts who have liked the reel. 

However, third party tools claim to see others’ liked reels directly. But it is always recommended to follow the policies of Instagram.

How to see liked reels of someone on Facebook?

If you want to do this on Facebook then:

  • Open Facebook app
  • Tap on your profile icon
  • Scroll down and open Reels by tapping on the “Reels” icon
  • Long press the number of likes below the like button
like button
  • It will show you the list of all people who has liked a reel.
who liked reels

Can I see who has liked my Reels on Instagram or Facebook?

Yes, You can easily see the list of people who has liked your reels on Facebook or Instagram. The procedure will be the same for both platforms:

  • Open the reel on Facebook or Instagram
  • Long press the number below like button
  • Check the list of who has liked your content.

Can I see who has viewed my reels on Facebook or Instagram?

Facebook or Instagram does not give you an option to directly see who has viewed your reels but there is an escape hole. You can see the majority of the reels viewers by checking who has interacted with your reels.

As it is possible to see who likes or comments on your reels. You can see that list from where you will get an idea whether that person has watched your reel or not. You can also sort the long list by search.