How to find information of a TikTok Account

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TikTok has almost more than 1.5 Billion active users and the number of accounts on TikTok are more than this figure. Some individuals have more than one account on TikTok. 

Sometimes, we may need to collect information about someone on TikTok. In this situation, if the person about whom we are trying to gather information is famous then there is much probability that we will get enough information about him. 

But if the account does not provide much information then you can go through these tips to collect information about a TikTok account.

Search using the username of that person (If Known)

This is the first and easiest method. If you know the username of that account then you can simply find out that account using the username search method. 

  • Open TikTok app on Mobile or website if you are on desktop
  • On the Home screen tap on the search bar 
  • Type the username of that account and tap on the username to open the profile.
search by username

Once you have found the account of that person you can gather account information by checking the bio and videos of that guy. You should also visit the links given in Bio.

Search for that person on other social media platforms

It is quite possible for a TikToker to have multiple social media accounts. You should check for the username of the person to get similar information. 

For example, many people share TikTok videos as Facebook reels, Instagram reels, Snapchat Spotlight and YouTube shorts.  

Search for that account on Google

You can easily gather data on Google about a person if you know the name of that person. Many bloggers look for the low difficulty TikTok celebs and write comprehensive detailed blog posts on them. 

Here for reference I want to show you a similar Masterpiece written by our writer. 

The blog post is about a US TikToker named Avery Woods who is a Nurse and TikToker also.

Use of third party apps can help

You can easily get third party apps and websites claiming to provide information about TikTok accounts. But you should use these apps carefully. 

Reverse Image search (If you have any images)

Reverse image research is a powerful tool to find someone by his picture. 

If you don’t have the username of that person then you can search for him using reverse image. In the case, Not having Picture you can take one as a screenshot from his video.

For this:

  • Type “Reverse image check” on Google
  • Open any website from the results
  • Tap on the Upload Image and upload that picture
  • Perform reverse image search on Google and Bing
  • The results will show all related images on the web.

Once you find a single blog post related to that account you will get much information from this.

Can I find TikTok account information using a TikTok video?

You can find a tiktok account using video in multiple ways but none of these ways assure your success. 

  • By searching TikTok video main keyword
  • From your watch history
  • Searching username in the TikTok search bar (Only if you know)
  • Reverse Image check on Google.

It is quite difficult to find an account from a picture or video unless you find the video hashtags and title.