How to see private tiktok reposts

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TikTok keeps on adding new features to keep its audience on it. By now, there have been many updates with new features.

One feature which was previously added in tiktok videos was “Repost” feature which enables viewers of a video to re-share that video from their profile so that the video can get more views. A reposted tiktok video gets more views and there are more chances for getting more followers.

However, TikTok reposts can be public or private depending upon the type of tiktok account and the reposts privacy. 

In this blog post we will discuss different methods to see someone’s reposts on tiktok.

Understand who can see tiktok reposts

First of all we should know who can see the reposted videos and all the videos you have reposted on tiktok. 

Your reposted video is shown to your followers and to the people on your friends For You Page. 

However, as far as the question of private reposts is, it is not the thing which individuals having public accounts can do. It means if you have a public tiktok account then your reposts will also be public. 

How can you see private reposts on TikTok?

First of all, there is no third party app, tool or website which can help you. The only legit way to see someone’s reposts is to become friends with that guy or to ask for the reposted video from someone who has access to that video.

Become friends with the person you want to see his reposts

As we know that the reposted videos are shown to the followers so you will have to become a follower of that person.

You just have to send a friend request to that guy and wait for the approval of the friend request. Once you become friends then you will be able to see what he reposts.

Ask that person or his friend for sharing his reposts to you

You can either directly ask for the reposted video link to the person or you can ask for this to any of his friends. 

Search for public reposts

There is not a direct way to search for the reposts but you can find a particular reposted video either by searching for a hashtag or exploring the users profiles.

Ways that are not going to work

Third party apps or service providing sites

Third party apps are not safe to use, especially when it comes to privacy related issues. However, there is no app which can help you to do this so you should not waste your time.

Looking for private tiktok reposts of a private account without being friends

If you are looking for a way to see reposts from a private account without following the account then you should try turning your way because it is possible only if you become friend with that user.

Can Someone see if his video is reposted on tiktok?

Yes! You will get a notification if someone does this. Along with it that video can appear to your For Your Page if you are friends.