How to see when you Followed someone or when someone followed you on TikTok

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To start getting someone’s videos in your feed on TikTok you have to follow that person. When you follow someone on TikTok and he follows you back then both of you become friends. You can watch each other’s videos and send messages.

Everyone has some followers and following on TikTok. The exact time when you followed someone is not known. However, there are some ways to guess the date when you start following an account on TikTok and vice versa.  

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Some ways you can guess when you followed someone on TikTok

There is always a solution to a problem. Similarly, if there is not a direct way to do a thing then there are many indirect ways to do the same thing. Here we have some potential techniques which can be helpful:

Order of the ‘Following list’

First of all, Following list check method is the easiest one but it does not give us the exact date when it all happened. But the following list can be sorted with the order when you followed. You can say it is set in chronological order by default. The most recently followed account will appear on the top of this list. Let’s do it:

  • In the first step, open your TikTok account
  • Tap on the profile icon located in the right bottom
  • Tap on the “Following” option
following option on tiktok
  • It will open the list of all accounts you have followed
tiktok following list
  • Now tap on “Sort by default” and set it to “Date Followed: Latest”. Doing so will show you all accounts in an order which can help you in knowing when you started following someone.
sort following list

TikTok Notifications can help

TikTok does not directly notify or send you notification on your following someone. However, if someone sends a message request or follows you back in response then TikTok will send you a notification where you can see the date and time of the notification. 

All of these notifications can be found under the ‘Inbox’ tab.

Check for the timestamp of the first chat after following that person

If you had started any chat at that time then it would be easy for you to track the date and time when you became friends.

For this you should check your Inbox and look for the first chat. Here is a screenshot below showing the date and time when I Followed back one of my TikTok friends and started chatting with him right after that:

timestamp on messages

Third party tools can be helpful to some extent (Must use carefully)

Third party tools claim to help in such situations. These tools get your data on your behalf and provide you necessary information if possible to do. But many of these tools are insecure and compromise on Privacy. 

It is best to avoid these tools.

How to see when someone Followed me on TikTok?

In the above discussion we talked about the time when we followed others. Now we discuss when our friends or followers followed us on TikTok.

It is easier because you can check it in Notifications. Here is the process:

  • Open tiktok account
  • Then tap on the “Inbox” option
  • On the top, tap on “New Followers”
New followers tab
  • Here you can see the list of your followers with the time and date when they followed you.
date and time when someone followed you on tiktok
  • Similarly, Followers list can help you to estimate the date.

Can I see the exact time when I followed or Someone followed me on TikTok?

The exact time can be seen only if you had any conversation on TikTok chat or if You still have past notifications in your TikTok. 

Otherwise, you can only make guesses.