Florida Top Tourists Attractions: 7 Best Places To Explore

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Florida is illustrious for its beautiful and unblemished beaches, theme parks, ample opportunities for outdoor recreations, cultural and historical sites, wildlife and nature.

Florida cities like Miami offer high-end shopping experiences. Florida nightlife, concerts and cultural events also appeal to tourists seeking entertainment and excitement. Florida is a hub for devotee sports. All these reasons attract tourists to visit Florida to unravel their dream vacations.

Crystal River

Crystal River located at Florida’s Gulf Coast, is famous for its captivating beauty and unique attraction. The city draws its name from the crystal clear water of Crystal River which flows into the gulf of Mexico. Crystal river is a heaven for anglers and nature lovers.

Crystal River is famous for numerous natural springs which draws the attention of the tourist. The most prominent is Three Sister Springs, a beautiful natural wonder that shows the beauty of clear water and an abundance of marine life.

Visitors can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and even paddling spots in the crystal clear untouched waters. 

Crystal River is also known as the “Manatee capital of the world”. Every year hundreds of manatees throughout the world take refuge in the warm water of the Crystal river. Visitors can avail this rare opportunity to swim with these gentle giants and have the opportunity to create unforgettable memories and beautiful experiences.

Crystal River is a heaven for wildlife devotees. The surrounding areas are filled with a wide range of bird species, including herons, egrets and bald eagles. This provides the opportunity for hiking and birdwatching which attracts visitors from far and wide.

Crystal River provides an excellent opportunity for fishing. Anglers and fish lovers can try their hand in catching redfish, snook, trout and more. Crystal River downtown area is a caring place to explore. The atmosphere and the charming beauty attract the visitors to spend some time here with the family, friends and their loved ones.

Key West

Key West is located at the southernmost tip of Florida, a captivating city with a blend of beauty. History and conch culture.

Key West has a rich history with influences from Americans, Spanish and Caribbean explorers.Visitors have the opportunity to visit many historical sites like Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, Harry S. Truman Little Whitehouse and the Key West Lighthouse to gain knowledge about this Key West fascinating past.

Key West island is a tropical Paradise to visit. Tourists can lay down on the soft sandy edge of Smarthers Beach and Higgs beach, have the opportunity to soak up the sun, and enjoy the beauty of crystal clear water.

Duval street is the heart of the Key West entertainment district. Duval street is bordered with amazing and colorful buildings, lively bars where you can enjoy anytime and unique restaurants in which you can enjoy almost each and every food of the world according to your taste. Moreover visitors can enjoy amazing nightlife, where they can enjoy live music concerts.

Ky west is also famous for the magnificent sunset. Every evening the locals, residents and tourists all around the world gathered at the Mallory square to witness the sunset of sun event.

Hurry! If you are an adventure seeker, Key West provides you great opportunities for water activities, where you can enjoy snorkeling, diving, fishing and boating to explore the surrounding islands and mangrove forests.

Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Resort is located at Orlando, Florida, is an internationally acclaimed entertainment destination for the people of all ages. Walt Disney is a home of four theme parks,Magic Kingdom. Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney Animal Kingdom. Each park has its unique shows, character, stories, experiences and attractions that can help you make unforgettable memories.

Walt Disney World Resort has a wide range of dining cuisine. There are a variety of restaurants available here like fine dining restaurants, character dining experiences and much more.Visitors can enjoy all types of food according to their interest and choice. There is something to fill every palate. 

WAlt Disney World Resort also hosts special events and seasonal celebrations throughout the year which add taste to excitement.Walt Disney hosts events like Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays.The best thing about Walt Disney is that it provides a variety of settlements according to the budget of their visitors from luxurious to the value-price hotels to book their room at their convenience.

Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is located at the Gulf Coast of Florida. Anna Maria Island is a hub for Unspoiled and virgin beaches. Anna Maria is also known for its crystal clear turquoise waters and pristine and sandy beaches including Coquina Beach, Bradenton Beach, and Bean Point. The visitors can simply walk on the water edges or can enjoy swimming or beachcombing according to their taste and will.

Anna Maria has a small town vibe where visitors can meet and find friends with locals and enjoy different food and cuisines and can also enhance their shopping experience.

Beyond its beautiful beaches, Anna Maria offers a wide range of outdoor activities. To explore these activities and to make amazing memories you can ride on bicycle or rent kayaks or paddle boats to explore the surrounding waterways.Anna Maria Island is very rich in natural beauty and charm. Here you can explore the wildlife very closely. Visitors can spot the dolphins, or see turtles nesting on the beaches and can observe every species in their habitat.


Naples is located at the southwestern coast of Florida. Naples is known for its luxurious lifestyle and charming beauty. Naples is a heaven for shopping addicts. It provides a vast range of shopping experiences like open air shopping facility, upscale boutiques for ready to wear and many more designer stores.

This city is also famous for its wide range of dining. From sea food to fine dining, all kinds of foods are served in restaurants to satisfy the visitors hunger.

Naples is also referred to as “Gulf Capital of the World”. Almost 80 Gulf courses are boasts here from championship courses to public links.There are several museums, theaters and galleries. The Naple museum showcases a diverse collection of visual art.

Naples have many white sand beaches which are stretched to the gulf of Mexico. These sand beaches are well maintained which provide a cleaned and breathtaking view to the visitors.

This city features many waterfront estates, gated communities and high-end resorts. This city provides a wide range of chances to create and enjoy recreational activities and unforgettable memories.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Busch Gardens is located at Tempa, Florida is known for its theme parks and wildlife. Busch Garden is home to a wide range of fascinating and strange wild animals.the park is committed to the conversations and education about wildlife.

 The visitors who visit Busch Garden can learn about how to tackle and interact with various species. Visitors can have safari-like experiences, and even participate in close-up encounters with different wild animals like giraffes and kangaroos. 

Busch Garden owns the pride of having wonderful and captivating themes throughout the park which enhance the beauty of the park. This park also has the transportation facility so that the visitors of Busch Garden can easily go to every corner of the park and make beautiful memories. Each area of the park has a unique atmosphere. 

Busch Garden offers the facility to its visitors with live shows and performances. These shows include high-energy musical performance to awe-inspiring animal presentations.

The overall theme of Busch Garden makes a perfect destination for families to visit. It provides many play-areas for childrens and amusement for people of all ages. Families can enjoy a day filled with fun, pleasure and full of adventures.

St. Pete Beach

St.Pete Beach is located at the Gulf Coast of Florida. St Beach is popular for its white pristine sand beaches. Clear water and laid-back atmosphere.

Soft and powdery beaches that are stretched to the miles attract the visitors to take bath in sunlight, relax and enjoy the coastal beauty and nature. The clear waters of the Gulf Coast provides a perfect plan for swimming and water sports to all visitors. 

St.Pete Beach provides an excellent gateway to several natural wonders in this area. Fort De Soto Park in St.Pete Beach provides an opportunity to see and explore the beautiful birds all around the world. 

St.Pete Beach provides an amazing opportunity for families to visit. People of all ages can enjoy mini golf on the sand and soft dunes or also can enjoy boat tours with friends and family members. It also provides a variety of playgrounds and picnic party areas for kids.

Beyond its pristine sand beaches St.Pete Beach is a home for many cultural and historical activities. The Gulf beaches historical museum showcase the heritage and culture of local’s area allowing visitors to learn about region’s past