Why is My Snapchat Delivered Sign Blinking?

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You use Snapchat and send messages to your friends. It can be frustrating when your messages reach your destination but blinking delivered sign bother you about whether your Message has been delivered or not.

Bother not with curiosity because this guide will lead you to understand all the questions related to this issue. 

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Snapchat message Notifications and Indicators meaning

Before we start answering the main question, let’s understand different indicators and their significance.

Here is the detail of the icons used by Snapchat to indicate the status of your messages:

Snap Icons meanings


A snap sent without any audio is indicated by a Hollow Red Square

The color of the square will be purple if you include audio in the snap

purple icon


A filled red square if the viewer has opened your snap without audio and Purple if audio is included.

red icon


If you see a red square with a dashed line around it then it means that the viewer has taken a screenshot of your snap without audio. The color of the icon will be purple if audio is included.

Chat Message icons and their meaning


If your text messages have been sent successfully then it will be indicated by a filled blue arrow.


If the recipient has opened and read your message then it will be indicated by a hollow blue square.

Snap streak Icon Meaning

A snap streak icon seems like a fire emoji next to your username indicates you have sent snaps to your friend for the number of days mentioned with the fire emoji.

Friendship emoji icons meaning

Smiling face icon

One of your best friends but not 1BF.

Smirking face icon

You are their best friend but they are not.

Grimacing face

Having the same 1Best Friend.


Indicates mutual best friends.


For new friends.

Yellow heart

You send snaps to each other daily and you are best friends.

Red heart 

Best friends for 2 weeks.

Gold star icon

This icon is shown if someone replayed your snap the same day

“Delivered” indicator and its significance

Sending snaps on Snapchat looks cool and the relevant symbols make it more cool. First of all make it clear “Delivered” is a symbol. So not mess up with the text. 

This symbol appears before the text ‘Delivered’. The symbol looks like this:

It shows that the snap has been delivered to that person’s device from Snapchat servers. But it does not assure whether that person has opened the snap or not.

Blinking Delivered sign. Do I need to worry about it?

Many of the Snapchat users are curious about pulsating delivered icon. Some are saying that it is due to a glitch in the app and some say it shows that person is active on Snapchat. Some are saying your message is on the way.

Everyone is giving his own answer but reality is:

Delivered icon is blinking to grab your attention and show you that your Message has been delivered. It is not a glitch or indicator that the person has blocked you. So don’t panic.

Circulating Theories on Blinking delivered sign 

When we read different messages from the Snap users we got many interesting things. It was really funny to listen to too much humor. What they were saying is:

  •  The person you have sent the snap is using Snapchat right now when the delivered is blinking
  • Snap has not been delivered yet
  • There is a problem within the feature
  • You are on the app after sending the snaps. Close it once and reopen

All it is bullshit. This is just to grab your attention.

Different colors dots on SnapChat profile

Green dot on the profile indicates the person is online while yellow dot has multiple meanings. 

If you have notifications, messages or snaps then you will see that. It also indicates suggested accounts from your contacts.

Does a Blinking delivered sign mean you are blocked by the person?

No, you are not blocked. It is just a misconception. It is just to attract your attention and to convey the message your snap has been reached.

Does a blinking delivered sign mean your message has not been opened?

No, it is not due to that reason. You will see the sign even if the message has been opened.

Is my Message delivered successfully if the delivered sign is blinking on Snapchat?

Yes, there is no problem within the delivery of the message. Your message has been sent successfully and the symbol is to indicate that success.