Andrew Santino’s Net Worth | From Comedy to Money

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Andrew Santino is a talented comedian and actor well known for his unique comedic style and appealing stage presence.

Andrew has released many comedy specials that showcase his comedic bravery. Andrew Santino has performed stand-up comedy at various venues in the United States and pleased the hearts of people of all ages.

With his unique and distinctive comedic style, unforgettable humor and memorable performances, Andrew Santino has gathered a dedicated fan base and earned recognition both in the acting and comedy communities.

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Andrew Santino’s Profile Summary

Net Worth$6 million
Monthly Income$1.9K
TV ShowsMixology, I’m Dying Here, Dave
PodcastsWhiskey Ginger, Bad Friends
Notable MoviesOffice Christmas Party, The Disaster Artist, The Life and Death of John Gotti
Marital StatusMarried
Children2 Daughters
LifestyleLuxury vacations, high-end fashion, expensive watches, luxury car collection
Profile summary.

Andrew Santino Sources of Income

In this article we try to provide you with more accurate information about the sources of income of Andrew Santino to make an approximate estimate of his total net worth in 2024.

Let’s find out first the Tv shows, film productions and podcasts of Andrew Santino that effectively adds worth to his overall income.

Lights, Camera, Comedy: Andrew’s Standout Moments in TV Shows

In addition to his stand-up career, Santino is appearing in both television shows and movies in a unique acting style. He has forgettable roles in many Television shows such as:

  • Mixology (2014) – Andrew played the role of Brauce in this comedy series. In this series a group of people negotiate the singles scene in a bar over the course of one night.
  • I’m Dying Here – In this TV show Santino played the character Bill Hobbs, a struggling comedian. In this drama Los Angeles Comedy scenes in the 1970s was set.
  • Dave – Andrew Santino joined this TV series with the other co-created actors like Lil Dicky, who played the character Mike, and with a close friend and also with the roommate.

Behind the Mic: Santino’s Unrefined Moments in Podcasting

Like performing in various TV shows Andrew also express his comedic skills in many podcasts mention below:

  1. Whiskey Ginger – Santino produces and shoots his own podcast with the help of his fellow comedian, actors and other notable figures of the industry. Andrew’s podcast “ Whiskey Ginger” offers a humorous and insightful look into the lives and careers of the invited guests.
  2. Bad Friends – Andrew co-host the Postcast “Bad Friend” with his fellow comedian Bobby Lee. This podcast features two friends discussing various topics and sharing personal stories along with the comedic commentary.

Comedic Sparkle on Film: Andrew Santino’s Unforgettable Movie Roles

Andrew Santino appeared in several movies. Here are few of his unforgettable movie roles:

  •  Office Christmas Party (2016) –  This is a  biographical comedy-drama film directed by James Franco. In this film Andew Santiino had a supporting role as Scott Holmes. 
  •  The Disaster Artist (2017) – This comedy film shoots the scenes of an unusual office party that goes hilariously crooked.
  •  The Life and Death of John Gotti (2017) – this film is based on the true life story of infamous mobster John Gotti. Santino played the role of John Gotti in this crime drama film.

The Comedian Kingpin: Andrew Santino’s Net Worth Revealed 2024

According to various sources, Andrew Santino has an estimated net worth of $6 Million dollars.

Andrew Santino Lifestyle and Expenses

Although Andrew Santino is a talented comedian, he also knows how to live the luxury lifestyle. With his successful career and growing net worth day by day, he is enjoying a comfortable life.

When it comes to expenses of Andrew, he has been known to treat himself to luxury vacations and high end fashion items. He loves to dine out with his beautiful wife, family and friends.

Santino has a huge collection of designer Expensive Watches.

Andrew also has a luxurious car collection including Ferrari and BMW of the latest version for traveling.

Is Andrew Santino Married? Andrew Santino’s Wife

In interviews, Santino gives a clue about his personal life, and disclosed that he married a close friend in 2015.

He did not reveal his wife’s name yet but expressed a pleasant surprise at her nature and sense of humor.

What are the sources of Andrew Santiny income apart from comedy?

Like other celebrities Andrew is involved in many endorsements and investments throughout his career. Andrew Santino has many sources of income such as television appearances, film roles, podcasting, writing and creative projects, endorsements and brand collaborations.

How many children does Andrew Santino have?

According to the sources, in the interview about his personal life Andrew gives a clue that he has only two Daughters, and the names of his daughters are not disclosed.

What is Andrew Santino’s monthly income?

Andrew Santino worked on different projects and invested in various endorsement and film production.

An estimated monthly income of Andrew Santino is $ 1.9K.