Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald is sure to bring Irish cheer to Comedy works at St. Paddy’s Day

He has promised to bring a show on Irish-ness and rhymes with a blend of Humour.


Comedy and Storytelling is in the heart of the Fitzgerald Catholic Irish family. He grew up listening to old, funnier stories of his time.

Fitzgerald says that he has been influenced by the style of Denver’s Landscapes and that is the reason he calls himself as ‘Colorado Guy’

Fitzgerald faced a lot of challenges in his journey to comedy. His way to success was not quite straight forward.

After studying rattlesnakes of Denver zoo for 25 years Fitzgerald is ready to release his book ‘It started with a turtle’. It shows that he is not just a comedian veteran.

Along with this Fitzgerald is spreading his message of ‘kindness and nobody lives in fear’ to his audience.